"Bringing relief one person, one family, one community, one city

One Disaster At

A Time"  

Meet Jeff Bost, Founder RX Rescue & Relief


When I was a boy I could wait to become a man. I got to manhood and learn that to get everything that I want to accomplish I had to become a hero, and now I realize that the world is full of superheros. Now I'm looking and working on becoming a legend.. Just know that what you see standing before you is an allusion, I say that because you don’t see the people shoulders that I’m standing on. For I stand on the shoulders of Gaundi, Martain Luther King , Mother Teresa, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Husain Obama. Who’s beliefs and action has and still are making this world a better place. You probably don’t see the people that stand beside me, the many volunteers, sponsors, donors and prayer warriors.  Without them none of this would be possible! They are truly the wind beneath my wings, and it has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated! People always ask me why do I do what I do..The Rx Rescue and  Relief Team's mission is to help people who have been affected by natural disasters with no doing of their own.  Our heroic job would be providing CPR or saving some one from a surmurged car underwater, or rescuing a family off a roof. While our simplest moment would be helping an elderly person cross the street, changing a flat tire  or perhaps getting a cat out of a tree.. where ever help is needed, While our best moment would be holding a family hand and kneeling in prayer! Yes when you see disasters and people suffering and you whisper a prayer you too are helping me! In closing. in short I stand on the shoulder of great people... I stand beside those in need. I stand up for those who voices may not be heard. I kneel with Colin Kapernick, and I bow before God! Saving the world one country, one state, one city one family, one person at a time.

My friends call me Batman!!! 

The reason I prefer to be called BatMan! It's not that I'm always prepared. Because I'm not. It's not that I have the most advanced technology. Because I don't. And it is not because I'm Batman... What I am is a symbol. An idea that anyone can be a hero. I don't give up. When I'm beaten I regroup and find a way. I am only human, but don't let that fool you either. Prep time means nothing without proper execution. Acts of heroism means nothing if the motives are not pure. I don't always win. But I will never quit!


Taken from the movie Batman

Currently Servicing Disaster Areas in  


North Carolina



Puerta Rico

U.S. Virgin Islands


Collecting Supplies, Non Perishable Items and Monetary Donations Daily...


When disasters strike there is no limit on the supplies and assistance that devastated communities need.  As fast as we collect with give out and in preparation for the next hurricane of disaster season, we are collecting supplies, non perishable items and monetary donations on a daily basis.  If you would like to be a part of the solution please take a moment and join in our efforts today...  

The difference is you!  Make a commitment to be a part of the solution today...

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