Awareness Seminars

The RX Rescue & Relief team will come to your event, conference, service, school, program etc... and share the importance of being prepared for natural disasters and the rescue & relief protocol should your area experience a natural disaster.


Rescue Services

The RX Rescue & Relief team is equipped with the necessary vehicles and water rescue equipment to aide in rescue mission worldwide...


Search & Clean Up

The RX Rescue & Relief team is trained and equipped for search parties as well as massive clean up teams for areas devastated by natural disasters.


Relief Support

The RX Rescue & Relief team facilitates relief drives throughout the year to aid in affected areas and in preparation for up and coming hurricane and natural disaster seasons.

RX Food Group

Another part of The RX Rescue and Relief Team. The RX Food Group. This company provides water and catering associated with all Relief segments. Making a difference one person at a time!